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Bug Patch #5

Dear fellow Villains,
the electricity is not yet ready, but we made a lot of bug fixes and some improvement based on your feedback ūüôā
So we thought it would be nice to release it before the next content update.


– Buttons to demolish/cancel action (with shortcut).
– Autosave limit the quantity and frequency.
– Add [select all] button.
– Increase gold storage capacity from 500 to 700 Increase Wood normal/evil capacity from 600 to 800.
– Every monster can get a weapon and to compensate psychopath cooldown for weapon is divided in half.
– Esc key bring the setting menu.
– Button to start/stop tasks (Fight/working mod) on individual monster.
– New event manager (virus events shouldn’t be close).
– Post office closing during the night (your minion won’t bring letter and cross a victim path).
– Clown reworks (don’t scare victims).

Bug fixes:

– Victims enter map with bleeding status.
– Victims appears at the bottom left corner after a load.
– Victims not arriving after load.
– Day counter blocked after a load.
– Some mobs respawn after a load.
– Monsters don’t bring letters to storage.
– A Push trap placed next to a rotatable wall trap will not push the human when he passed the rotatable wall.
– Mad scientist Achievement unlocks retro compatibility old save.
– Spam email counter is displayed in reverse.
– Rat of the event mystical chest fight each other.
– Dogs can use phones.
– Victims get costume cook after a load.
– Time /day stops increasing.
– Dog increase suspicion when they leave the map.
– Esc key bug on fight skill points distribution screen.
– Hypnotize victim don’t phone and are not scared.
– Minion’s face doesn’t change after recruiting it.
– Music change when food merchants.
– Body part going through walls (and may scare victims).
– Weapons added back to the enemy after a load.
– Hero doesn’t drop weapons.
– Victim sometimes sees minions through the walls.
– Can’t attack when the target is on a bed.
– Poison of the gaz master doesn’t work on victims.
– Merchant sound on arrival can’t be heard from far.
– Feedback messages when victims are scared overlay when there is more than one.

MachiaVillain update

A big ‚Äėthanks‚Äô to all of you who helped us making an incredible launch of Machiavillain possible. We really are happy many of you enjoy the game so much!

Besides the many positive messages we also received reports that our minions still need to fix some bugs. Thank you,those reports are very helpful.

Joking aside, truth is some bugs would have already been patched, but Murphy’s law struck.

Some of you might already know, we are a team of 2, one dev/coder (Alexandre) and one artist (Zimra).
After weeks of extremely hard work leading up to release, the day of the launch, Alexandre’s eyes became extremely painful, and we had to go to the emergency room. He had to have a light surgery and he has trouble seeing for now. He is going to get better, but sadly in the meanwhile he can’t code.

We have hired coders to fix the bugs until he’s back. It takes longer as they have to get to know the code. We are sorry for the delay.
We have released 2 patches, and we’re working on the third.

If you have any suggestions, or if you encounter a bug, you can send us a bug report with game data just by clicking on the “Send feedback” button (bottom right) with a short description in the title (so we can pinpoint the problem), it will help solving the issue, thank you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding and your amazing support!


We’re sending the latest version of the game (Alpha 6) to our Kickstarter backer today!¬†
As usual, let us know what you think, your feedbacks and suggestions with private message, mail or carrier bat!

Andi Ewington made a poster from MV art. Is it bloody awesome or what ?
Andi Ewington made a poster from MV art. Is it bloody awesome or what ?


Hello dear Villains,


Bedtime! Advanced beds boost your monster caracteristics when he sleeps (coffins increase resistance to curse, toxic bed increases resistance to poison, etc).
–¬†New advertising system: you can send one ad every day. Also now your monsters have¬† access to computers to send spam, the evilest things you can do.
–¬†Varied diet!¬†New kind of victims: parents with kids, tourists with cameras, and dentists shaped like teeth!
Talking about diet: victims can starve now.

–¬†Gruesome work: Functional factory with 2 benches and new resources (metal plate, brick, gold nuggets, cog,…)

 Gooey! GUI improvements:
New zone system: select the zone you want your monster to clean the blood or extinguish the fire.
Map showing the level of prestige and evilness of your mansion.
And more (more tooltips, loyalty gauges,¬†2 levels of disloyalty: anger then rage, icon displaying the number of days of food left, link to the wiki in progress,…)

Have a terrific Halloween,

Alexandre & Rachel

Bonjour chers Vilains,


Nous envoyons une nouvelle version du jeu (Alpha 6) aujourd’hui !
Comme d’habitude n’h√©sitez pas √† nous faire part de votre avis, id√©es, souhaits, soucis par mail, message sur Kickstarter ou chauve-souris !


Lits avancés les lits spéciaux améliorent les compétences des monstres pendant leur sommeil (le cercueil améliore la résistance aux malédictions, le lit toxique rend plus résistant aux poisons, etc) 

Encart publicitaire:¬†nouveau syst√®me, vous pouvez choisir une publicit√© √† envoyer chaque jour. Et avec les ordinateurs vos monstres pourront envoyer des spams (si c’est pas horrifique, √ßa).

–¬†R√©gime alimentaire vari√©: avec de nouvelles victimes: des familles, des touristes, et des dentistes ! Il est possible d’affamer vos victimes.

–¬†Travail manuel:¬†deux bancs de fabrication et de nouvelles ressources (p√©pites d’or, plaques de m√©tal, rouages,…)

Amélioration de la GUI: 
Nouveau syst√®me¬†de zone:¬†s√©lectionnez les zones √† nettoyer et/ou o√Ļ √©teindre le feu¬†¬†
“Cartes”:¬†montrant le niveau de prestige et de vilainie de votre manoir¬†Et autres¬†am√©liorations¬†(plus de tooltips, de jauges de loyaut√©, 2 niveaux de d√©loyaut√©: col√®re puis rage, icon pr√©sentant le nombre de nourriture restante, lien vers le wiki en construction,…).¬† ¬†¬†

Bon Halloween,
Alexandre & Rachel

Summer Devlog

We hope you’re having a terrific summer!

Here is what we’ve been working on:

–¬†Fighting system:¬†Each minion has strength, dexterity, mind and endurance. Those characteristics influence the power of your minion as well as some attack effects condition.
Minions gain XP when fighting and you can use skill points to unlock new attacks or make them stronger.

–¬†New monsters:

Doctors Frankenstein! because every monster crew needs its syringes throwing crazy scientists.

Psychic killer tires! It’s a thing.¬†Look it up.

–¬†Level up:¬†Your minions progress on each task they’re doing.

–¬†The sound of murder:¬†We have a composer working on music exclusive to the game!

–¬†Tons of ergonomic/GUI improvement:¬†
Drop down menu, listing all actions possibles instead of doing only the default one.
Highlights of objects before selecting them .
Progression circle on all important tasks.
Info on what rocks contain (metal, gold, or stone).
Display quantity of object in the storage panel.
Display fight target (red arrow line).
Hunters Info panel with theirs fighting.
More overlay info.

April Devlog

After a month of March convention heavy, we’re back to our regular schedule of coding, arting, and more coding!


Pick your team
In the last version the game started with random basic monsters.
Now players¬†can chose their¬†first monsters. Each has a different set of traits and job skills that make them different even when they’re from the same type.


The temporary weekly reward is now replaced by messages from the Machiavelian League of Villains with clear prerequisites to get certain reward(without having to wait for a week).
You can climb up the League of Machiavelian Villains ladder: higher ranks gets you more monsters, and other rewards.


New merchant: allowing us to have 2 separate ones: one selling monsters and one selling and buying everything else for now.
Attacks from monster ennemies: because there is an I in evil, other monsters will attack you. Good luck.
New event: ransom event. It’s the first one involving 2 steps, but no spoilers!



GUI: a lot of improvement to the UI (icons, organization, placement)
Furniture blueprints (instead of transparency)
Building: added sound and visual FX
Victims: added sound FX (scream)


MachiaVillain Progress Devlog

[English / French]


News from the beyond the graaaaave…¬†We added 2 new big features to the game!¬†traps and random events!
Des nouvelles d’outre-toooombe…¬†On a ajout√© 2 nouvelles features au jeu ! des pi√®ges, et des √©v√®nements al√©atoires !


Traps allow players to automate parts of the victims slaughtering for those who favor efficiency to manual craftsmanship.
Some are non lethal, useful to¬†attract, move, push, or bind visitors.¬†Others are… more evil-friendly.
Ils permettent¬†d’automatiser tout ou partie du massacre des victimes, pour ceux qui pr√©f√®rent la productivit√© au travail manuel¬†biggrin
Certains ne font que d√©placer les visiteurs, d’autres sont… un peu plus m√©chants.


We have added a first batch of random events. Some are pretty straight-forward, other will have less predictable outcomes.
(and we’re going to get the frenglish fixed¬†wink)
On a ajout√© une premi√®re partie d’√©v√©nements al√©atoires.

Certains sont assez directs, d’autres auront des r√©sultats moins pr√©visibles.

Getting the Beta version ready

With these latest features, the time to unleash the beta is close! We are hunting bugs and polishing parts to be able to send the beta version to the wonderful Kickstarter backers this month.
Finaliser la version beta du jeu
Avec ces ajouts, le moment de lib√©rer la beta approche ! On chasse les bugs et on fait les ajustements n√©cessaires afin d’envoyer la version beta aux merveilleux contributeurs du Kickstarter ce mois-ci.