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armored-bot-R-v1-preview Originality: - Mix humans with Aliens DNA to get stupefying results! - Play how you want: unlock impressive defense towers, tactical technologies or dreadful canons for your robot. - Configurable defense towers to adapt your strategy to incoming attacker. - Crazy universe full of funny characters


 Your task, and you have no choice but to accept it since that's what you were built for, is to harvest precious metal on planets which will soon explode.  At night you have to defend the humans and your base against the wild robots drawn to its energy.  But it's worse by day : you have to deal with your humans. They're undisciplined, stupid, lazy meatbags. But nothing says you can't modify them a little... 

 Will be available on Steam Early access in May 2014 on platforms Windows, Mac (soon), Linux (soon) Logo-de-Steam  platforms_small
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You can download: Freaking Meatbags Press Kit