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I’m fond of every method that increases my productivity, and reduces unnecessary stress.
Methods in “Self Help” book don’t always work for everybody, but they always give you a temporary boost in your motivation.

A famous approach I like is “Getting Things Done“. Its little name: GTD.
This method not only focuses on organizing tasks, but also on putting away from your mind everything that makes you lose focus.

My system during years, was to send myself an email with every tasks I had to do. Each time I wanted to add a task, I opened it, pushed the Reply button, added my task, and pressed Send.
This worked fine for a simple organization. Task done/Task not done.

But to manage my growing list of tasks, I needed to find a new tool.
And the solution I found suitable  is Nirvana. It’s a simple and cheap ( free ) Task organizer. Create a task, drag that task into a folder. You don’t need more:
– Web interface.
– Email sent every day with your task list to remind you.

There are other solutions on the web but that one is good for me, at least for the week I’ve used it.
You can find a review on appstorm with an invite code that will give you an immediate account creation.

I advise everyone to take a look at the GDT method. It will help you reduce some of the modern life stress.