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Back from the Paris Game week.

Hello, we are back from the Paris Game Week. 6 days staying up for at least 9 hours, 15  interviews, half of them in English.
Lots of nice people. Still very tired. Give a at leat one more day. I will send all the free game key of Freaking Meatbags for all people who has tested Freaking Meatbags on Thursday.
It was very nice seeing the smile on people face when I was giving them a card for free key of freaking meatbags 🙂

Some photos:
– A lot of people waiting every morning during 5 days!

















Our stand.
Volunteer did a great job with this giant tag of Chip the robot of Freaking Meatbags.













































We were showing for the first time our new game Machiavillain.
This tree in carton give us a lot of work. But this came up ultra cool!
































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