Bug Patch #5

Dear fellow Villains,
the electricity is not yet ready, but we made a lot of bug fixes and some improvement based on your feedback 🙂
So we thought it would be nice to release it before the next content update.


– Buttons to demolish/cancel action (with shortcut).
– Autosave limit the quantity and frequency.
– Add [select all] button.
– Increase gold storage capacity from 500 to 700 Increase Wood normal/evil capacity from 600 to 800.
– Every monster can get a weapon and to compensate psychopath cooldown for weapon is divided in half.
– Esc key bring the setting menu.
– Button to start/stop tasks (Fight/working mod) on individual monster.
– New event manager (virus events shouldn’t be close).
– Post office closing during the night (your minion won’t bring letter and cross a victim path).
– Clown reworks (don’t scare victims).

Bug fixes:

– Victims enter map with bleeding status.
– Victims appears at the bottom left corner after a load.
– Victims not arriving after load.
– Day counter blocked after a load.
– Some mobs respawn after a load.
– Monsters don’t bring letters to storage.
– A Push trap placed next to a rotatable wall trap will not push the human when he passed the rotatable wall.
– Mad scientist Achievement unlocks retro compatibility old save.
– Spam email counter is displayed in reverse.
– Rat of the event mystical chest fight each other.
– Dogs can use phones.
– Victims get costume cook after a load.
– Time /day stops increasing.
– Dog increase suspicion when they leave the map.
– Esc key bug on fight skill points distribution screen.
– Hypnotize victim don’t phone and are not scared.
– Minion’s face doesn’t change after recruiting it.
– Music change when food merchants.
– Body part going through walls (and may scare victims).
– Weapons added back to the enemy after a load.
– Hero doesn’t drop weapons.
– Victim sometimes sees minions through the walls.
– Can’t attack when the target is on a bed.
– Poison of the gaz master doesn’t work on victims.
– Merchant sound on arrival can’t be heard from far.
– Feedback messages when victims are scared overlay when there is more than one.

2 responses to “Bug Patch #5”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Hej there,

    are you guys working on anything? It’s quite a fun game to play, but it isn’t finished, is it?

    Thanks for making it, though, I had loads of fun for a few hours!


  2. WildFactor Avatar

    Hello Michael,
    there is a betta branch on steam, with an updated version.
    Soon an official build 2.0 is coming.

    Happy new year Michael!

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