Electrocution update

Hello fellow Villains,

Electrocution update is here! (on Steam)
Update Trailer

Electric Features 
– The impressive Finger of Evil! A machine that gives you the power to generate lightning! You can zap victims, heroes or even your own minion to make them go faster.

– Batteries, wood generators, treadmill generators, wires.
– Tesla coils to electrocute your enemies.
– Alarm and Presence sensors (to activate/deactivate alarm).
– Lightning rod (to get electricity from thunder and protect your mansion)
– Mobile phone jammer. Don’t let your victim call for help!
– Electric door (closed when powered by electricity).

– Some furniture now need electricity. Candles need to be lit by your minion.
– Reduce the cost of things that need electricity.

New Minion

– Succubus: Sucks the life out of your enemies.


– Custom map: configure a map to your will.

– Difficulty level: normal, hard very hard, so you can play casual, or scream all the way.


– You can dig graves to get ancient artefacts or wake up more-or-less friendly monsters!
– Dead monsters leave a grave behind.


– Better sounds: more than 100 new sound FX.
– Click on an item in the inventory to select it and focus on it (finding weapon).
– Improved sound spatialization.
– Be able to reorder the crafting queue.
– Be able to configure your minion IA (Aggressive, Defend, Neutral)
– Be able to change sleep and feed priorities (in the Task manager)
– Double click on the monster list, make the camera follow him.
– Display zone covered by lights.
– Reduce game size (-80 mo download size).

Bug fixes

– Bug: Achievement: killing a hero not counted correctly.
– Bug: Event “give brain” doesn’t come back.
– Bug: music volume not 0 when restart game.
– Bug: hypnotized people should still be able to be attacked by minions
– Bug: skeleton turrets shoot at victims even when a wall is blocking line of sight.
– Bug: dogs seem to be ignoring the fire hydrant.
– Bug: if you have 2 rows of minion portraits, their portraits will cover the popup notifications on the screen.
– Bug: if you have enough minions to scroll down in the job board, the lowest minion is difficult to see coz they’re covered by the menu graphics.
– Bug: heroes seem to have stopped spawning when I reached high suspicion. it says “villagers are aware of my murderous activities!” but no angry village mob is showing up, no heroes are showing up either.
– Bug: Activate. dr. frankenstein just humps the targeted minion but nothing happens.
– Bug: Remove the Evilium in gold storage containers.
– Bug: hypnotized minions (ie: hypnotized by the vampire in vacation event) are taken out of the roster, but you can “hire” them again to stop the hypnosis, although they give everyone else the “saw a minion die” loyalty debuff.
– Bug: I’m still not getting the “kill virgin last” bonus, I only get a reward for “kill them when alone” bonus.
– Bug: When a monster is blocked (surrounded by walls), other monsters stop working.
– Bug: Lamps light the room even when not yet plug to electricity done
– Bug: AutoSave doesn’t seem to work (need to test it in standalone build).
– Bug: Detector switch needs to be white when not built (configure gamespritecolor) – When the alarm is not built, the flag should not be displayed.
– Bug: Fog of war setting loaded at the wrong time.
– Bug: Fix treadmill display bug.
– Bug: Fix maintain craft stop after a load.
– Bug: Build several object Energy on each other.
– Bug: Fix when resource to craft are not accessible.
– Bug: Victim saw the minions through the wall or closed door
– Bug: Victims are scared because there is no light
– Bug: Phone jammer active even when not powered,
– Bug: Moving rotating wall, erasing wall build preview.
– Bug: Remove afraid no light on door map cell.
– Bug: Fix light for candle or after some loading.
– Bug: Electric door bug, when in front of a victim door.
– Bug: Victims could see twice a trap from other room and get stuck.
– Bug: Dog barking sound doesn’t stop.
– Bug: Bug TV bad cooldown
and more

2 responses to “Electrocution update”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Are you still alive. no updates here or on steam for a while.


    1. Dev Avatar

      Hello Scott,
      Thanks 🙂
      the game is still alive, but a little slow (holidays and minor diseases).

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