Freaking Meatbags emerges from Steam Early Access with a huge release update!

Hello, we still mixing news about Freaking Meatbags and Machiavillain, sorry! But we have something huge to announce:
Greetings once again, fleshy life forms! WildFactor is proud to announce its futuristic real time strategy game Freaking Meatbags has defeated Steam Early Access and is now a full-fledged game! To celebrate the milestone, the team is pushing out a massive update that adds tons of new features, including a totally revamped DNA mixing system, a new boss, and new equipments for meatbags to use. The update is so groundbreaking it’s called “Philae“, named after the little robot currently sitting on a comet in outer space.

New features:
Revamped DNA system with hundreds of alien/human combinations.
Seven new genes to get all splice-happy with.
– Equip meatbags with jetpacks, hoverboards and… ROCKET LAUNCHERS!
Stick humans in towers to power-up the buildings. Because of science.
Overclocking ability lets you see the world in slow-mo.
– Brand new boss that jumps around a lot. Shhh, that’s all we can say!
Hidden zombie planet. Go ahead, try to find it.
Over 50 gameplay, sound and interface improvements.

Take a look at the new video, featuring lots of new things that go boom:

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  1. seb Avatar

    Wow, great update!! exciting !

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