Wild Factor Trademark

It took me several years to find a good name that I like and that is not already taken by another game company. I found wild factor and I like it.

I decide to register the trademark in US.
The process start on the official website:

You can search in their database if your trademark idea is already taken or not, and for free.

I must say that everything is well explained. Maybe too much explained, because you have to read a lot, even for a simple procedure.
During the trademark registering process there is even a video that explain you what is the difference between a trademark in use and a trademark not in use.
I’m french and I was still able to understand the procedure. Fortunately, they don’t use legal and complicate vocabulary.

After reading everything, afraid of making any mistakes, I’ve started the process of registering the trademark Wildfactor 4 months ago ( 2 february).

You start by choosing between two options:

TEAS Plus which cost 275$ per class
–   Regular TEAS which cost 325$ per class

-> TEAS Plus is more restrictive, and more simple. For instance, you can choose the TEAS Plus if your trademark should already be used on a product ( you have to give them a proof, like a photo of the product with the trademark on it).
You also have less option available to cover particular case of your trademark. But it’s cheaper.

-> Regular TEAS must be chosen if your trademark is not already in use. You will have to fill a “Statement of Use” later that cost 100$, when you will use the trademark on a real product.

After that, you need to choose the international class. A class is a kind of product that will use your trademark.
I register Wild Factor for the class 009 which cover video game. I look at other famous video game trademark to choose the right class for me.
For each additional class you need to pay an additional 275$ + using the Regular TEAS.

You will also need to know if you choose a standard character format for your trademark or if you want to register a more stylized appearance.
If you register a standard style character like me, you can use the trademark in any way you like. But if you add  a stylized appearance, you will also protect this particular appearance.

It takes 3 month to get a trademark official examiner. During that time, you don’t know if someone else is also trying to register the same trademark ( trademark in process don’t appear in the official database during this period).

After this 3 months and the approval of the official examiner, your trademark is register!
You only have to wait the official publication. My trademark will be published in one week 🙂

The process of reading and registering my trademark probably took me less than 1 days.
Don’t be afraid to register a trademark, it’s probably more simple than you think.


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