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New version of Duck & Roll now Free!


The new version of Duck & Roll with 3 new songs is on the AppleStore and Free.
So tell all your friends to get it 🙂

We had some trouble during the submission of this update with Apple.
Unlocking 3 InApp purchase for old customer is something too unusual for their test process and they rejected it. We had to pull it off for this version.
Sorry. But we are still negociating with them to enable this free bonus on our next release.

PS: First numbers I get for this first day show me a huge amount of downloads!
Thank you all.

Duck & Roll on Kotaku!

We get a nice article on Kotaku:
“Rock music is incredibly powerful. Ducks as also incredibly powerful. Combine the two and damn, man… just damn.”

Too bad they didn’t like the trailer. Well we will do better next time.
PS: That’s not me on the trailer.

Gameplay video

E3 expo is approaching and my day job takes most of my time. I’m working on a big game and we will have a big exposure.
Lot of work and big pressure.

I still managed to almost finish the  game!

There is still some sweet tasks left:
– One last menu.
– ICloud.
– Gamecenter.
– Hard and normal mode.
– Make the intro story cinematic.
– More polish
To celebrate that I made a little gameplay video 🙂

Unity Asset Store price cut.

Asset Store price cut:

I told you about the limited time offer of free Unity IOS & Android until April 8.
There is another promotion: some developers working on plugin/asset for Unity are joining this initiative.
You can get a price reduction on many plugins. Some of them are even free now!
Everything is on this page : Asset Store Madness and the Unity Forum thread

I spent too much money 🙂  I bought :
– Ragespline (25$ instead of 75$). I will probably use it to prototype our next game…
– Ex2D (15$ instead of 35$) a good 2D lib. For that price, it’s a steal.
– IOS ICloud: to add the support of ICloud on our IPhone rhythm Game. I’ve planned to buy it

I’ve hesitated buying Multi Platform toolkit. It seems good but at 95$ it’s still expensive. I’ve already developed some of the tools to handle asset on multiple platform, included in this plugin.
The additional features are not worth the 95$ money for me.

I’ve also taken a look at Visualizer Studio. A plugin that helps you link object movement with the music rhythm, and trigger events.
But after seeing the video, I didn’t find it easier to use.
I can do a  better job if I want to make drumgames in the futur.

Winter sickness

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been really sick. I’s always when you are sick that you remember how it’s good to be in good health.

So the development of our IPhone rhythm game slow down.
I still manage to test it on HD. I discover new bugs, and managed to fix some of them.
The game is slow on some menu screen on the iPad 1.

IPad have a bad fill rate. That is why games can be faster on a IPhone 3GS with its low resolution of 480 × 320, than on a fast iPad with high resolution of 1024 x 768.
In my case I have some screen with: The game background full screen + game interface button on it + full screen fade + level score screen background +  level score button on top of that.
On pixel can be drawn 5 times…

I am going to make the level score background bigger, to cover the full screen. I will avoid the need of a full screen fade to hide the game behind it. It will reduce the number of times a pixel can be drawn to 4.
I hope it will be enough to have a good FPS.