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Duck & Roll approved !

Yes, Duck & Roll has been approved by apple on our first try, after only 9 days!

I’m relieved, because the last week of work before I submitted the app all the problems with my old Mac drained my energie. I didn’t want to do that again anytime soon.
And also because I tried to never be late on projects when I fixed the Deadline myself (Hey I know in the video game industrie it’s not common..). I was 7 days late.
But as a result of Duck & Roll being approved without hassle, I’m now 2 days early on my planning 🙂

I will focus my energie on the official launch of  november 8 now  and I hope you will enjoy Duck & Roll.

Stay Tuned !

6 Responses to Duck & Roll approved !

  1. I saw the trailer of this new app. That’s great news! I guess we just have to wait for the release. Good job on this app!

  2. Cool! Seems like such a nice app! I’ve been a fan of app like yours where I can enjoy the music at the same time have fun while playing. Will look forward for the official launch!

  3. Congrats! Glad to know the app is now on its way to being launched officially. It has been a while and it took a lot of work as I’ve checked your previous posts. All the hard work has finally paid off!

  4. Can’t wait for the launch! It’s great that it’s already approved. Based on what I’ve watched on the gameplay it deserves to be approved. Great work! I look forward to your updates regarding the release!

  5. Approved on the first try. that’s really great! The long wait is over and in just a few days we can now try Duck & Roll. I hope you keep us posted about the launch. Thanks and good job!

  6. That’s great news! Do you have any plans for Duck & Roll Android version? The app looks so good. It would be great if it’s also available on android.

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