Machiavillain’s Kickstarter is now live !

Yesterday we launched the Kickstarter of MachiaVillain and it already reached 20% of funding!

We’re really happy to see how the Kickstarter spread and was shared by all the Machiavillains out there. We prepared during a long time and we’re finally revealing rewards and some exclusive content just for the backers. Let’s build all the mansions!

You can get all the informations you need by clicking this banner :


Share the word with your friends and family, we need your help :)!


2 responses to “Machiavillain’s Kickstarter is now live !”

  1. Eradior Avatar

    Bonne chance, votre jeu à l’air prometteur. J’espère que vous atteindrez l’objectif !

    1. WildFactor Avatar

      Merci Eradior.

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