Best lab everyone in the Evil industry should be using

Like every good Villain, you need a research lab to discover new ways to express your villainy.
That’s why you can build… the Laborrific!

In this facility you can select the new technology you want to get your greedy hands on.

Gif Lab 2

So far you can already unlock the blood-thirsty Broom of Doom. This broom literally sucks blood from the floor. Not only will your mansion be spotless, but it will also give you some blood resources for later munchies. It’s the perfect item to get extra food for your Vampires or your Carnivorous Plants. In case you’re already swimming in blood, you can even sell your freshly squeezed blood to the Merchant!

Another useful item you can research with the Laborrific (or more precisely make your minions research it for you while you’re busy practicing your sardonic laugh like a true Villain) is the Demonic Axe. Tired of getting a beating each time you want to chop some Evil Wood? Get this new shiny axe to equip all your minions and show those Evil Trees who is the meanest baddest boss in MachiaVillain!

(see what happens when you don’t have a Demonic Axe?)

A lot more elements will be added to the Research System later on (traps, farming etc).


Because it’s awesome that way. 😉

We’ve added a Research System in MachiaVillain because it adds benefits.

It reduces the initial complexity of the game without compromising its depth. Indeed, we will have a lot of things in MachiaVillain. A research system allows you to get a hang of the game at your own pace. As soon as you master the current gameplay elements, you will be able to research new ones and unlock new things to play with!

You can chose in what order you want to do your research : What new thingies will you make your minions research first? Are you sure it’s the most efficient research order? Which research is the most urgent in your current situation? (If my monsters are hurt, I need something to heal them; if I have a lot of Vampires, I need more blood, etc.)
You will need to answer those questions. The more you will play, the better you will be at choosing the right research at the right time. And your Mansion will stay up longer.

Rewards and sense of progression. In a simulation game, you don’t have levels, but you still need to feel that you are improving during your play session. Each time you find something new in the lab, it’s proof that you have gone further. And each time you create a new thingie, discovering what it does is interesting. Once you have discovered everything, you will taste that sweet taste of accomplishment a Villain gets after they’ve checked everything on their evil to-do-list! We all love to learn and discover new things. We want to play on our natural curiosity to make our game more enjoyable.

That’s it for today!

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