Duck & Roll in its starting block (and it’s free..)

The next Duck & Roll version has been submited to Apple!
We listen to all your suggestions and we tried our best to make many improvements
(Stars are easier to tap on small screen, added a skip button during the intro etc..).

One more thing, Duck & Roll is now Free. So you can tell all your friend to try it.
But don’t worry if you already pay for it.  As a gift, the 3 extra songs are Free for you!

(To unlock the 3 new songs for free, you need to have the current version of Duck & Roll installed before updating it to the futur new version).

2 responses to “Duck & Roll in its starting block (and it’s free..)”

  1. Agonie-Latente Avatar

    Wow I really like your game =) I’m a fan of rhythm games and I love this one ^^ the songs are awesome too. Continue on this way. Oh and the fact that we can unlock the 3 new songs for free if we have this current version is really sweet, I can’t buy it because I don’t have any credit card but If i could, i would buy them. Thanks guys 🙂

  2. WildFactor Avatar

    Thank you for your support 🙂 I’m really glad you like our game.

    For the 3 new songs unlocked for old customers we have some issues with Apple.
    That’s too unusual for their test process and they reject it. We had to pull it off for this version.
    We are still negociating with them to enable this free bonus on our next release.

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