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Game developpement pause.

I’m making an exception of my game developement routine, and embracing my old job, just for a mission:
I’m building a web site for a French medical institute: “Institut Coeur Paris Centre“.

I’ve only followed their visual identity Guideline, which are modern and simple, and break with the traditional Green-blue color attached to this kind of activity.

They need it fast, so I’ve worked fast during the entire week-end. I’ve even forgot to eat two times !

I’ve used modern tool that didn’t exist when I’ve started as a web designer. We always send a lot of time on small thing like alignment, font etc.. But everything go smoother.
I’ve searched during hours a theme that can be customize. I’ve finally fall on Headway theme that let me choose the position of each element without touching a ligne of code !
Without this kind of tool It would have taken me twice the time, and I would have charged the client twice more 🙂

There is still some coding to do when we want to modify the basic theme, but that’s a big progress in web design.

I hope to get back to the game developement as soon as possible.

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