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How to make a logo contest ?

 I had previously told you my aventure during our company logo creation on Fiveer.
But even if the logos made with this service were worth more than the 5$ I paid, they wasn’t high quality.

I’ve searched on the web and the website that seems to me to offer the best quality/price rate for a logo for me was 48 hours logo.
This is the same formula as the more famous 99 designs. You create a project and designers send you design proposition. You give the money only to the best design.

You can give more information to designers when the contest is open, if you feel they are going in the wrong direction.
After that you select the 3 best designs. You can ask revisions on this 3 designs. And finally, you choose the winning design among three and give the money to the winner.
The fundamental differences with 99 design are that it’s less expensive ( but you have less designers ) but every contest must be paid.
On 99 design you can create project and paid only if you are satisfy with the result. On 48Hours logos you have to select a winner and pay even if you are not satisfied with the end result.
Of course you take more risk with 48Hours, but designer know that at least one of them will be paid.

The final logo is :












The wildFactor logo project is still publicly visible. It cost me around 110$ with the website fee and the bonus given to designers. It’s the maximum amount I consider “smart” to invest on a logo right now for an indie developper.
Even if the logo is important to create a brand, I prefer to invest in the game developement.

However I’m really pleased with the end result. I was even very pleased by not only one, but two  logos made!

And that’s where the unusual start…
During the contest I was hard to select the best between those two logos. So I made a survey to find which one are more appealing to people.
The result of the survey didn’t help me at all because 46 persons vote for the actual design, and 44 prefer the second logo.. Almost 50% 50%.

That’s why I decided to buy them both. Considering the logo quality, they deserved both to be paid. I had as well more time to select the best one after the end of the contest.
I selected the winner (the actual Wild Factor logo) and offer to buy the logo to the second designer outside the contest.
I paid the second designer and I got the second logo. I asked him two times to send me his portfolio if he has one -> he avoid to answer.
This made me suspicious (my business 6th sense…) because this kind of contest is usually used by designers to meet new clients and/or train on doing logos.
There is no reason a designer refuse to show his portfolio to a potential client.

So I searched on the internet more info about this designer myself. I finally found his portfolio. And I discovered a logo that look like mine, made for another app game company !
And this second company currently use this logo! Hopefully I succeeded to get a refund from the designer on this second logo.
The good side of it: I was relief from the choice of the best logo 🙂

So I must warn you: You can get great quality logod for a small price with this kind of web site. But it didn’t guarantee you against any problem like this.
If your budget is not tight  like mine, you should hire a good freelancer to create your logo.


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