Jumping boss, Zombie and Devlog

The jumping boss is finished as well as the level with it. I will probably still need some playtest andĀ some polish.
I’ve started a devlog on the fam ous tigforum. If you want to give your opinion on futur updates of Freaking Meatbags, don’t hesitate to post on this forum!


Yesterday at midnight: Zombie moving great toward human and transforming them when they don’t run away faster enough. I still need to add some feedback.







Zombie are a little slower than human (30%), but can’t be killed by savage robots easily.So you will have to choose if you want your people to be transformed into zombie or not (and combined with some other augmentation, it can be powerfull!) Still need to add some green blood FX šŸ™‚ I thinkĀ Zombies in video game are over-used, but I included them only because I think it will make a fun level!

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