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The story of Duck & Roll icon

Sorry for the few update recently, but my new work take most of my time.

All the graphic asset are done! We still have some work on menu and on level design.

We are also working on the game icon right now. It’s a key element of an app. Most user buy an app if the icon is pretty and if the screenshots are appealing.
It’s your shop front and if you compete with near 400 000 app, it need to look really good!

The first version done by our current artist:

We ask him to open his eyes, because eyes attract people attention.

It’s a nice icon but it was too complicated for an icon. We tested it and it didn’t attract attention in the middle of other icons.
I tried myself with the help of my artist/girl friends, and we came up with this:


Like you can see, in low resolution it’s not  readable.

So I’ve searched someone who have already done  app icon and who could do some pixel work in low resolution.
An Icon in a low resolution (29 pixels X 29 pixels) need to be reworked. A simple image resize with Photoshop is not enough. An artist need to modify the icon pixel by pixel to increase details.
The artist I’ve found is Monty

His first concept was:

Brilliant and great idea that use all the space available.
But the eyes look like eggs and I was afraid tha the “star” and the “music note” would be invisible in low icon resolution.
To put the “rock” idea in this icon I ask him to make the duck angry and to add a piercing.
And the result he send me:

Better but it still don’t attract the look of the user.
I ask him to add pupils ‘attract people attention) and change the eyes colors to blue. And here it is the final result:

This Duck look like to try to hypnotize you 🙂  And that’s what he does!
After seeing this icon in the middle of others, your look is stuck on it.

You can find more informations on how to design good app icon on those websites:



How you should market your game.

Hey, I know,  marketing is a bad word for most people 🙂
But as a Game Programmer, you want people to play and enjoy your game, maybe even more than making a living out of it!

But for that, people need to know that your game even exist !!

That’s why I’ve started growing my interest in game marketing.
And during my usual web surfing, I’ve discovered pretty interesting links that can be usefull for other game programmer like me:

– An article on why you need to start marketing as soon as you can:
Why you should start marketing the day you start coding

– A blog on the success of the iphone game Ramp:
Being featured by Apple is the jackpot!

– A long list of links!!
Business tips