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Continuous Collision

I stumble upon an article on an interesting collision technique:
Speculative Contacts – a continuous collision engine
There is some nice live demo on this article.

In the past, I’ve implemented myself a 2D collision system. I used a classical discrete method and had stability issue.
If this technique is simple and stable I will use the algorithm on my next unity project.

I’ve bought the source code to thanks the author.
If you like it I advise you to do the same.




Unity lightning Contest

I participate in the Unity lightning contest, with the hope to win a Unity pro licence.

You can see all entries on the unity contest page.

You can even try my beauuutifullll Unity lightning demo:

Unity lightning contest entry
Unity lightning contest entry

I only work on it 1 big day and a half. I should have worked a little more to  ensure me a victory but my other job eat me all my time.

My Unity project will be delivered for free at the end of the contest !
I will post a link of the Unity package with all the source code in this blog for everyone who want to download it !

The code is clean, and commented. I made a framework to easily draw multiple line. So you will be able to use it for other projects if you want, or take it as an example.