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Tutorial and achievement is on his way!

sorry for not updating much our blogs lately. We give the last touches on Duck & Roll before the open playtest.

There is some level design modifications to do on two levels. And I’m working on tutorials. Like usual, I wish to had finished it last weekend, but it’s taking more time than it should.
The 2D Plugin of Unity we use, which is a tool to display buttons and every 2D things, was not well design. Most of the time your button don’t show up, but you don’t know why (no error message).
I spend half of my time fixing those things.

I’ve hesitated between an interactive tutorial or a more classical image tutorial.
– The interactive tutorial that show the player have to play, is more user friendly. But it’s more complicate to do.
– The image tutorial (several images explaining how to play) is more simple to create and  have the advantage to be called anywhere in the game from the pause menu.

After much thinking, I’ve chosen the interactive tutorial. The existing system was enough flexible to do it without taking me much more time than the simple image tutorial.
And I think it’s more fun for the player.

The tutorial of the level 1 is finished: You will learn the most simple stars.




















  Stay tuned.


See our new website!

as you can see, we’ve made a big revamp of the website.
I hope you will enjoy it!
We are preparing the game launch in a few months.

I hope to release the game during Christmas, but quality is our priority.  And if we can’t reach our quality goal by the end of the year, we will postpone the release date.

We have overcome some technical difficulties:
– First of all our Macbook battery used for developement had some problem. It shutdown randomly in the middle of our work. It has slowed us down on testing ios device.
But I can tell you now that the current version works on IPad, IPhone 4, IPhone 3GS, IPod properly.

– An update on the GUI library used to make 2D sprite in Unity has created many bugs. We have fixed many but not all of them.

But we have good news:
Micheal (LevelDesigner) has done the 5th level on a total of 6!

After that, there will be a lot of work on menu and tutorial.


Development Diary.

Not much blog update this last week because I’ve spent a big week-end in Prague.

I went to this destination like a real “tourist”. I mean that I didn’t prepare this travel at all. And I was very surprised at what I discovered.
beautiful city, every building is different  with the one beside. This town is more modern than I thought.
The forecast had predicted 3 rainy day, but we were lucky to get 3 sunny days.
You can see more picture on the blog of my girlfriend.


I’ve recruited the artist! I will tell more about him later.

I’m working on putting the game on an iPhone. I’m pretty confident that it will work fast from the first try.
I’ve followed iPhone developement advice on Unity (Avoiding every allocation ingame, avoiding using “find” type of function etc…).

I’m using 2 plugins to deal with sprite: Sprite manager and EZ GUI. 2 Essential plugins for a 2D game ( reduce draw call, build sprite atlas, animated sprite etc…), but they lack of the same “easy” feeling, that we get from Unity software.

Also, I’m a windows guy, and I’m learning how to use this $@!!! Mac.
I’ve bought an alright Macbook ( core2duo 4GO ram), and I use VNC to pilot it from my Big Screen PC 🙂
I think that most of my frustration with macosX interface came from my windows habit. And it’s hard to lose them…

As soon I have some picture of the iPhone running the game, I will post them.

Development Diary

Game developement news:

– I’ve putted in place a localization system. I’ve not finished it completely, because I need to get the iphone language configuration to automatically change  my game language. But apparently UNITY have many functions for that, but none of them worked properly… The solution is to modify some Xcode and saving the value in system player preference. I’m not there yet.
I’ve at least anticipated localization problem, and that was my first goal.

– I’ve created a multi-resolution 2D coordinate system.
Indeed, when I’ve worked in java mobile industry, we had to support at least 10 different screen resolution ( for 600 different phone model ).
For an Iphone game, I have to support 3 different resolutions ( IPhone 3G 480X320, Iphone 4 960X640, IPad 1024X768 ).
This 2D system help me configure every 2D element position in a particular resolution. And if resolution changed, these 2D elements keep their relative positions.
For example if the pause button is in the top right corner of the screen on the iphone 3G, this button will still be aligned in that top right corner of the iphone 4 HD resolution.
I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s a “One click” type of tool.

But There is still some work to do. I need now to support dynamic change of texture resolution ( HD texture for IPhone 4 and IPAD ) and test it on real devices.

Development Diary

Works on Game Design is finished. Of course, there will be  changes after playtesting. But I think all Gameplay key points are there.
We have Four different stars and bonus.

I’m also spending times doing some tools in Unity to increase my productivity, I can’t help myself, it’s in my blood 🙂

– I’ve done a Script to hide objects in the editor view. Indeed, I’ve had a big black 2D plane to make a fade effect behind pause menu. Nice effect, but this big black plane was hiding everything else in the UNITY editor view. If this plane was deactivated in the editor, Sprite manager plugin was making some errors. That’s why I’ve made this script. It took me some time ( I have to trick UNITY 3D ), but I’m sure it will be useful in other situations.

– I’ve made a Gamestate framework. It’s just essential for any game. It’s clean, simple and it works great.
There are still enhancement to do on ergonomic when we want to work on different scene and try to play the entire game from the start. But that situation don’t happen often because we usually work on one level at a time .

It took me some times to understand what I can/can’t do to enhanced UNITY 3D editor with script.
And in  most solution I’ve came so far, there is a “trick” to avoid UNITY pitfall. Too bad I’ve already discovered some limits of Unity.

Some screenshot of the new Pause menu ( sorry I didn’t deactivate Level design helpers when I took screenshot ):

The background is fading to black when menu appearing.


Unity lightning Contest

I participate in the Unity lightning contest, with the hope to win a Unity pro licence.

You can see all entries on the unity contest page.

You can even try my beauuutifullll Unity lightning demo:

Unity lightning contest entry
Unity lightning contest entry

I only work on it 1 big day and a half. I should have worked a little more to  ensure me a victory but my other job eat me all my time.

My Unity project will be delivered for free at the end of the contest !
I will post a link of the Unity package with all the source code in this blog for everyone who want to download it !

The code is clean, and commented. I made a framework to easily draw multiple line. So you will be able to use it for other projects if you want, or take it as an example.