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Other ways to make video games.

Sometimes new and fun work organisations emerge from tech company.

Valve (Half-Life, Left for dead 2, Team fortress etc..) has an unique way to handle new employees. They let them free to do what they want!
They need to decide on which project or task they are the most useful to the company. They are free to try new things.
That’s how Steam was created.
In this kind of organization, they confess that they don’t know how to introduce new people.
That’s why they’ve made a book explaining everything to new employees:

And the best thing is, it works!

Indie development is probably close to that. Your passion is what is driving you.
But of course it’s a riskier path and it’s harder to have a balanced life …
About Duck & Roll development:
– Achievement GUI is done.
– the intro cinematic is in progress. Text and camera movements are finished.
I asked a comedian to re-write the script:
I hope you will find it funny 🙂

I made some playtest with my coworkers (also game developers). The conclusion I already was aware of  is that the game is clean and well made, but the first level is too hard.

What is left to do:
– Intro story sound Track (music, and voice over).
– Redo the first easy level and make it easier.
– Normal and Hard mode.
– GameCenter & ICloud.
– Polish Polish Polish


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