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Duck & Roll on Steam GreenLight

Steam Greenlight has just opened.
Every developper wishing to be published on steam can present their games on GreenLight. You just need a video, few screenshots and a description.
User can down vote or up vote any game. If a game is popular enough to get many upvote and stay on top, it will be published.

This opening is crazy and more than 600 games have already been submitted in 3 days. Some excellent, and some crap.
It already has as much crap game spam as the appstore…

Duck & Roll is designed to be on touch Screen. But the level Designer and I play it on PC most of the time. It’s quicker to test small modifications.
And we enjoy it, even on PC.

That’s why I presented my game on Greenlight.
I will make a free Mac/LINUX/PC version with the first 6 songs, if enough people vote for me on Steam Greenlight:

So vote for me!

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