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Fiverr experiment result: Do me a logo!

like I’ve said, I’ve paid 3 X 5$ to get logos made by fiverr guys.
I wasn’t expected more than just ideas for my real logo.

I ask them to put a wild animal in the logo and that’s what I get:

Logo 1:

Logo 2:

Logo 3, propositions:


Is it worth more than 5$, YES
Is it worth a 100$  logo, No

It gave me ideas for my new logo, and that’s what I want.
If you need a quick logo, fiverr is still a good option.  But if you need a professional logo, expect to spend at least 100$.

Having a logo is more a pleasure for me, like a new pair of shoes, than a necessity right now. That’s why I will postpone this task.
When the time comes, I’ve planned to use a pro logo services. I will give you feedback on this too.

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