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When it comes up to designing a new item/furniture, I usually give Zimra (the artist) some technical guidelines. For instance, since our Monsters can get hurt following our orders, we need a way to patch them up. This nursing station requires a place for the patient and a part for the monster-nurse-operator as it doesn’t work alone.
I also wanted it to be more than 1 cell (or tile), and max 3*3 cells.

Sometimes we discuss inspirations and looks, but in this case since she had worked in a hospital for a bit, I knew she’d come up with scientifically accurate designs.

Here are the first roughs:


What did I tell you, scientifically accurate 🙂
She gathers inspiration from anything and everything, horror movies, of course, but also fishes, 60’s decoration items, and body parts as you can see.

We then discuss and chose together the design that would read the more clearly as a nursing station while still being weird enough to fit the game spirit.


The nursing-station is on the right side, along with a desiccated yet competent mummy-nurse and its crossword and cup of (let’s say it’s) tea. 


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