Machiavillain Alpha 4 – giant spiders and trees

We’ve hit the Alpha 4 of Machiavillain.

It’s still an Alpha and we have a long way to go, but we have added some features:
– New interface that doesn’t heavily use the right click.
– Tree manager: you can chop trees to get some wood. Trees grow and can become evil if they are close to a spiritual energy source.
– Resources like stone and wood used to build walls, floors,… instead of gold.
– Monster merchant is coming from the road in his carriage now.
– Text overlay to describe furniture.
– Victims run away when they see a monster, not just when they are attacked (more challenge).

– first agressive enemy: Giant spiders on the map
-> Attack the player’s monsters
-> Throw webs on ground that slow down the creatures
-> Can throw webs at creatures to immobilize them temporarily
-> Event: 1 spider enters the mansion (train the player for the combat system)

Machiavillain Spider


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