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Machiavillain has a Kickstarter launch date !




EVIL IS HERE ! The World is doomed because of all the monsters ready to ruin this land! Prepare your sword and chainsaw!

Wait… let’s calm down… it’s fiiiiiine, because in MachiaVillain, YOU are the Villain!

MachiaVillain finally has a date for its Kickstarter: it’s February 11th!

The Team (this is us) has been preparing this evil day since the era of mummies… Or at least a year.

Now, in order for us to bring you the perfectly villainous game we’ve dreamed of, we need a little something from you. We need your help.

You can participate in the development of the game with a blood tribute and money. Ok, we’re only joking about the blood tribute. Please don’t. It’s gross and those stains are a nightmare to get rid of. Just ask the Zombies.


But yes, after more than a year of development, we’re turning to Kickstarter because we need your help with two things:


  • The first is as mentioned above, not the blood but the financing. Helping us means we can keep working, and also that we can achieve the quality we dreamed of offering players.
  • The second is your feedback. We want to build MachiaVillain alongside a community of players, share our development process, incorporate player feedback, and take everyone along for the ride! this Kickstarter is the occasion to know what you think by giving you access to MachiaVillain Beta or even Alpha!


For those who support us and our creative process, there will be evil rewards (depending on the pledge you will choose –The rewards might change in the official KS, but that’s the gist of it):


  • Your name in the ingame Hall of Infamy
  • An access to the private forum Alpha to give us your feedback
  • Access to the Alpha or Beta of the game and all the updates until final release (DRM-free, Steam key)
  • A collaboration with us to create the monster of YOUR dreams
  • A victim created by you in the game


We’re rock solid, determined, and passionate !


  • Alexandre Lautié, founder of WildFactor, is a programmer with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked at Ubisoft and Kylotonn.
  • Zimra, the graphic director for MachiaVillain, has worked on numerous illustrations and Graphic novels for Ankama and several other French publishers.
  • We already independently developed and published a game called Freaking Meatbags on Steam. It has more than 25k players who trusted us with Early Access and it has been released successfully since. (Check it here:
  • The first game of Wild Factor on iOS, has been downloaded more than 400 000 times.
  • We obtained partial funding through a solid grant from the CNC (an organization affiliated to the French Government). This grant allowed us to work on the prototype until now.

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That’s it for the essential, let us know if you have any question !

2 Responses to Machiavillain has a Kickstarter launch date !

  1. Given that FM was cross-platform, will it be safe to assume Machiavillian will also be available for Linux? Say yes and I’m kicking!

    • Hello Forge,
      Yes, Machiavillain will be also be on Mac and Linux 🙂
      (don’t hesistate to subscribe to our mailinglist to be remembered when the kickstarter begin, when need your help! )

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