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Progress DevLog

– Basic starter crafting bench
– Furniture crafting bench
– Crafted items are placed in wooden boxes
РCrafted furnitures can be placed by selecting them in the furniture menu or by directly using the wooden boxes


Attracting victims
РWriting desk added: so monsters can write old fashion letters. The writing desk is an easier to obtain (albeit less effective) way to attract visitors than the printing press.
РMailbox system: monsters write a letter (writing desk) or print newspaper (printing press) and then post it to the mailbox. For each letter mailed, a victim arrives next day evening.


– Balancing
– New music manager. It can switch between music playlists during the game.
– All quantities are now¬†integer¬†(ex: quantity of blood is displayed with¬†the number¬†12 instead of 0.75…)
– New suspicion UI
– Added more info with overlay.
РAdded new sound (intro, parchment etc..)
– Added sleeping FX.

You have to be undead to be able to sleep near construction work…



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