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Testing the 5$ service.

Indie developers like me have low resource ( basically my own money ).
We are eager to find good ways to do small task that can’t be done oneself for cheap, or finding fun ways to promote our game.

I’ve discovered fiverr: People offer small services for only 5$ !
This goes from crazy and Fun things to serious useful service.
Most time you get what you pay for: a 5 buck service. But sometime it’s a bargain.

I’ve already read some feedback from other indie developers on fiever. All tweeter/facebook/website  promotion seems to be scams or ineffective. That’s why I won’t try them.
But I will try others. Some “serious”  and some “Wild”. And I will give you feedback on it.

I’m starting with:

For Serious fiverr Gig:
Proof Reading. Like you have guessed, I’m not a native english Speakers. I surely make many mistakes in my blog post. Therefore I’ve ask to proof read my next blog post on “code Review”. It’s a little bit technical, and I hop the proofreader will be able to understand it. I’m sur regular company ask more than 5$ to do this kind of task.
I’ve send a basic .txt file. Deliver in 24H

Fun ones:
Doodle Wild Factor. I ask to doodle Wild Factor like this. I like this retro/graff style and I’m curious to see what the artist will do. Delivery time is longer: 9 days.

Scream out. I ask a crazy guy to scream Wild Factor over and over during 20 seconds. It looks funny and it fits well with the company name. Delivery: 3 days.

See you later for the result.


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