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Development Diary

Game developement news:

– I’ve putted in place a localization system. I’ve not finished it completely, because I need to get the iphone language configuration to automatically change  my game language. But apparently UNITY have many functions for that, but none of them worked properly… The solution is to modify some Xcode and saving the value in system player preference. I’m not there yet.
I’ve at least anticipated localization problem, and that was my first goal.

– I’ve created a multi-resolution 2D coordinate system.
Indeed, when I’ve worked in java mobile industry, we had to support at least 10 different screen resolution ( for 600 different phone model ).
For an Iphone game, I have to support 3 different resolutions ( IPhone 3G 480X320, Iphone 4 960X640, IPad 1024X768 ).
This 2D system help me configure every 2D element position in a particular resolution. And if resolution changed, these 2D elements keep their relative positions.
For example if the pause button is in the top right corner of the screen on the iphone 3G, this button will still be aligned in that top right corner of the iphone 4 HD resolution.
I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s a “One click” type of tool.

But There is still some work to do. I need now to support dynamic change of texture resolution ( HD texture for IPhone 4 and IPAD ) and test it on real devices.

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