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Development Diary.

Not much blog update this last week because I’ve spent a big week-end in Prague.

I went to this destination like a real “tourist”. I mean that I didn’t prepare this travel at all. And I was very surprised at what I discovered.
beautiful city, every building is different  with the one beside. This town is more modern than I thought.
The forecast had predicted 3 rainy day, but we were lucky to get 3 sunny days.
You can see more picture on the blog of my girlfriend.


I’ve recruited the artist! I will tell more about him later.

I’m working on putting the game on an iPhone. I’m pretty confident that it will work fast from the first try.
I’ve followed iPhone developement advice on Unity (Avoiding every allocation ingame, avoiding using “find” type of function etc…).

I’m using 2 plugins to deal with sprite: Sprite manager and EZ GUI. 2 Essential plugins for a 2D game ( reduce draw call, build sprite atlas, animated sprite etc…), but they lack of the same “easy” feeling, that we get from Unity software.

Also, I’m a windows guy, and I’m learning how to use this $@!!! Mac.
I’ve bought an alright Macbook ( core2duo 4GO ram), and I use VNC to pilot it from my Big Screen PC 🙂
I think that most of my frustration with macosX interface came from my windows habit. And it’s hard to lose them…

As soon I have some picture of the iPhone running the game, I will post them.

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