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Development Diary

Works on Game Design is finished. Of course, there will be  changes after playtesting. But I think all Gameplay key points are there.
We have Four different stars and bonus.

I’m also spending times doing some tools in Unity to increase my productivity, I can’t help myself, it’s in my blood 🙂

– I’ve done a Script to hide objects in the editor view. Indeed, I’ve had a big black 2D plane to make a fade effect behind pause menu. Nice effect, but this big black plane was hiding everything else in the UNITY editor view. If this plane was deactivated in the editor, Sprite manager plugin was making some errors. That’s why I’ve made this script. It took me some time ( I have to trick UNITY 3D ), but I’m sure it will be useful in other situations.

– I’ve made a Gamestate framework. It’s just essential for any game. It’s clean, simple and it works great.
There are still enhancement to do on ergonomic when we want to work on different scene and try to play the entire game from the start. But that situation don’t happen often because we usually work on one level at a time .

It took me some times to understand what I can/can’t do to enhanced UNITY 3D editor with script.
And in  most solution I’ve came so far, there is a “trick” to avoid UNITY pitfall. Too bad I’ve already discovered some limits of Unity.

Some screenshot of the new Pause menu ( sorry I didn’t deactivate Level design helpers when I took screenshot ):

The background is fading to black when menu appearing.


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