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Duck & Roll submitted to the Apple Store!

Duck & Roll has been submitted to the Apple Store!
It took me one more week than planned because my old Macbook (2007) just gave up on me on the last minute!
I had to buy an used Macbook Air to finish the job.
The good news is that I was able to use the latest IOS 6 SDK, so now Duck & Roll is also compatible with the latest IPhone 5 with his 16/9 retina screen.

I cross my fingers and I hope Duck & Roll will be approved by Apple.

2 Responses to Duck & Roll submitted to the Apple Store!

  1. I bet it’s quite exciting to launch such app than can be enjoyed by a lot of iPhone and iPad users. It’s cool that it would be compatible with iPhone 5. Just got mine last week! I’m really excited to try new apps. I’ll download Duck & Roll when it’s finally available on the app store.

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