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Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!!!

I renewed my yearly Apple ios developer licence 2 weeks ago. This mean that I’ve worked on this game for more than a year as an indie developer.

I think it’s time for assessment:

– Motivation is still there. I wasn’t sure of my capacity of staying motivated and enthusiastic after one year of work on a project. Seeing the game growing and my idea taking shape was the best motivation booster.

– I’m physically tired. Having a day job and working at least one day every weeks on the project (marketing or programming) is pretty tough. Working fifty hours a week is pretty common for me. I don’t want my day job that is also important for me to suffer from this project. Investing myself in two projects burn some of my energy. I hope that christmas holidays will be enough to recharge my energy.

– I met great people. Michael (Game Designer) is a pleasant person to work with. He is as much motivated and committed in the project than I am. Diego di toro (illustrator) has also made a great works on the game.

– I’ve learned a lot. Even if this project don’t met the success that I expect, I’ve become skilful in areas that I never expected to master.

I also wish to thanks my girl friend Rachel for the past Year. She was always supportive and understanding.

Stay tuned, january will be the month of the first playtest with exterior tester!



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