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Ludum Dare this week-end

Me and my girlfriends are doing the Ludum dare.
The ludum dare (hard to pronounce) is an online game jam where people from around the world create a game in a weekend.
During the same week end there is two competition: 
– The hardcore competition where you are alone, and you need to do everything yourself from the ground up.
– The more relax competition “The jam” where you can be more than one and use any middleware you want. You also have one extra day (3 days).

We are more than one :), and it’s our first jam, that’s why we are doing “The Jam”.

The theme of this jam is “your are the vilain
We start the second day of the competition and I’m pretty confident. The idea is good and the design my girl friend came up ( are fantastic.
Our characters are already living and moving. I just need to make them die now 🙂


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