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Tutorial and achievement is on his way!

sorry for not updating much our blogs lately. We give the last touches on Duck & Roll before the open playtest.

There is some level design modifications to do on two levels. And I’m working on tutorials. Like usual, I wish to had finished it last weekend, but it’s taking more time than it should.
The 2D Plugin of Unity we use, which is a tool to display buttons and every 2D things, was not well design. Most of the time your button don’t show up, but you don’t know why (no error message).
I spend half of my time fixing those things.

I’ve hesitated between an interactive tutorial or a more classical image tutorial.
– The interactive tutorial that show the player have to play, is more user friendly. But it’s more complicate to do.
– The image tutorial (several images explaining how to play) is more simple to create and  have the advantage to be called anywhere in the game from the pause menu.

After much thinking, I’ve chosen the interactive tutorial. The existing system was enough flexible to do it without taking me much more time than the simple image tutorial.
And I think it’s more fun for the player.

The tutorial of the level 1 is finished: You will learn the most simple stars.




















  Stay tuned.


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