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Unity Asset Store price cut.

Asset Store price cut:

I told you about the limited time offer of free Unity IOS & Android until April 8.
There is another promotion: some developers working on plugin/asset for Unity are joining this initiative.
You can get a price reduction on many plugins. Some of them are even free now!
Everything is on this page : Asset Store Madness and the Unity Forum thread

I spent too much money 🙂  I bought :
– Ragespline (25$ instead of 75$). I will probably use it to prototype our next game…
– Ex2D (15$ instead of 35$) a good 2D lib. For that price, it’s a steal.
– IOS ICloud: to add the support of ICloud on our IPhone rhythm Game. I’ve planned to buy it

I’ve hesitated buying Multi Platform toolkit. It seems good but at 95$ it’s still expensive. I’ve already developed some of the tools to handle asset on multiple platform, included in this plugin.
The additional features are not worth the 95$ money for me.

I’ve also taken a look at Visualizer Studio. A plugin that helps you link object movement with the music rhythm, and trigger events.
But after seeing the video, I didn’t find it easier to use.
I can do a  better job if I want to make drumgames in the futur.

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