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Winter sickness

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been really sick. I’s always when you are sick that you remember how it’s good to be in good health.

So the development of our IPhone rhythm game slow down.
I still manage to test it on HD. I discover new bugs, and managed to fix some of them.
The game is slow on some menu screen on the iPad 1.

IPad have a bad fill rate. That is why games can be faster on a IPhone 3GS with its low resolution of 480 × 320, than on a fast iPad with high resolution of 1024 x 768.
In my case I have some screen with: The game background full screen + game interface button on it + full screen fade + level score screen background +  level score button on top of that.
On pixel can be drawn 5 times…

I am going to make the level score background bigger, to cover the full screen. I will avoid the need of a full screen fade to hide the game behind it. It will reduce the number of times a pixel can be drawn to 4.
I hope it will be enough to have a good FPS.


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