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A giant Robot and the Paris game week.

Hello everyone.
We have to prepare for the Paris Games Week convention (biggest event in France on video games from October 28th to November 2nd), and we have a gigantic amount of work to do.
This is our first big show and we are still not ready.

About Freaking Meatbags: I only have 2 small weeks of work left to finish the next big update of Freaking Meatbags, but I just can’t crush it before the Paris Games Week.
I made the mistake of making a too much ambitious update. I should have cut it in small portion and release something every month. I won’t do it again, sorry !
So expect it to be relased at the begining of december. I promised!

The rest of the team is working on our next title, and we are going to show it for the first time at the Paris games Week. If you liked Freaking Meatbags, you will probably like our next title too ! We are going to start talking about it, so stay tune.

Like we probably know, we are small indie. We which to print some sign for the two games that we can reuse at each convention.
We though that sings of 1 meter X 1meter would do the trick… It cost us an arm, and a leggs.
We received them this morning, but they are gigantic ! Too big to just hang them somewhere, like we planned to.
So we had to sell our last arm,and redo these signs 2 time smaller.

Here is a picture of Freaking Meatbags sign in our living room:



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