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Amazing logo video on fiverr !

I’m always spending some time on Fiverr. Always searching a great or funny thing to do. I often look at every intro video, with the hope to find one that fit our new logo. And I think I have found it! Explosion and flames, the only think our logo needs 🙂


Take a look (HD 1080 7.5MB)
















The game still progressing well.

Michael (the game designer), are working on sounds and also helping me on programming. He is working on the achievement System and found fun ones to do.

I’ve almost finished the level selection menu, and I’ve improved the ‘feel’ of several interaction. Now more think are synchronized with the music pulse.

Myself, I hope to have at least an almost finished game to show to my family during christmas Holidays 🙂


PS: I missed the “small piece of the Apollo 13 capsule for $5” on Fiverr Arrggg



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