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April Devlog

After a month of March convention heavy, we’re back to our regular schedule of coding, arting, and more coding!


Pick your team
In the last version the game started with random basic monsters.
Now players can chose their first monsters. Each has a different set of traits and job skills that make them different even when they’re from the same type.


The temporary weekly reward is now replaced by messages from the Machiavelian League of Villains with clear prerequisites to get certain reward(without having to wait for a week).
You can climb up the League of Machiavelian Villains ladder: higher ranks gets you more monsters, and other rewards.


New merchant: allowing us to have 2 separate ones: one selling monsters and one selling and buying everything else for now.
Attacks from monster ennemies: because there is an I in evil, other monsters will attack you. Good luck.
New event: ransom event. It’s the first one involving 2 steps, but no spoilers!



GUI: a lot of improvement to the UI (icons, organization, placement)
Furniture blueprints (instead of transparency)
Building: added sound and visual FX
Victims: added sound FX (scream)


2 Responses to April Devlog

  1. Is it possible to buy a copy of this game even, unfortunately I’m ended up missing the kickstart campaign?

    • Hello Scott, unfortunately, you can’t get a copy until the release.
      You can subscribe to our mailing list to be warned when it will be released (we don’t send many emails and you can unsubscribe at any time).

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