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Duck & Roll hit 150 000 downloads!

The event of Duck & Roll being free has been covered by most major website, and made us hit 150 000 downloads in just a few days. Not bad for a musical game 🙂


“Duck & Roll is a rhythm-based action game in which you take on the guise of a feathery avian who absolutely loves to jam to heart-pounding rock songs. Unfortunately, your family are all music snobs, so only play classical instruments like the violin and the piano. You, then, run away from home in the hope of realising your dream of becoming a bona fide rock god.”


“Cartoon mallards match up with rock & roll music to create an intriguing rhythm action game, available free right now.”


“Help a young duck live out his dream and become a rock star in this rhythm game. Tap, slice, hold, and cut jumping stars to the beat to string together combos and rack up big points.”


“Wild Factor’s Duck & Roll is free-to-play.  The critically acclaimed retro rhythm game casts players as a music loving duck that dreams of becoming a rock star, despite its family’s classical roots.”


“Duck & Roll is a retro cartoon rhythm game with rock music from talented music artists.”


Round-up inclusion


We even got new reviews:



Cult of Mac:
“The music is fairly generic, but it doesn’t matter. The rock is competent enough to keep tapping through, and the changing mechanics–tap and slide, swipe through, tap super fast in rhythm, is engaging enough to play through the free levels. There are three additional other songs available for $0.99 cents each, or $1.99 for the entire three pack of add-on songs.

It’s fun, works on iPhone and iPad, is worth a quick download for free, and has extra stuff you can toss money at if you really like it. What’s not to duck, er, dig?”



Smart Apps for Kids also reported on the game, with wild praise, saying:
“I could ramble on about how this app can help with a child’s hand-eye coordination, rhythm etc etc but the bottom line is that it’s just plain fun!   

Tap, slide, swipe and hold stars to the beats of the Rock n Roll music to unlock further levels and songs.  It’s one of the few apps that I had to make myself stop playing in order to get on the computer and write about to share with you guys!”


“Created by the folks at Wild Factor, Duck & Roll offers a story-based rhythm game experience, rather than just a game that presents you with a list of songs and sets you loose. Levels start on the easy difficulty, but progress through two harder difficulties as you go along. Regardless of the song, you’re presented with a comic book style background and star outlines that appear on the screen to warn you when you’re going to be required to tap, which is incredibly helpful for those that might have never heard of the tracks in the game.”


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