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For Robot Lover: Robot Combat League

Off topic post of the usual dev diary:

Robot Combat League - Season 1


We are robot lovers. So if you’re like us, you should look at this show.
Robot Combat League, also known as RCL, is a science fiction television series broadcast on the Syfy Network. As the title suggests, the main concept of the show is a robot fighting competition.

If you watched the movie “The Real Steel” and instantly fell in love with it, then you will definitely enjoy RCL. The spirit of human fighting combines with the power of deadly robots to bring to the world a deadly game of robotic combat.

The robots are controlled by two people. One person control the arm with an exo-squelet, while the other controls the foot through a joystick. The robots are about eight feet tall with different looks and characteristics. The victory is given to the best fighter or to the robot that has cut the other one in half 🙂

Although the show plays it up a bit with fake special effects on impact and fake liquid flowing from the robots, it’s still providing interesting, entertaining combat. Robot lovers, make sure you catch season 1 of this show. You’re going to love it.


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