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Freaking Meatbags next update, and a new project is on his way.

Hi, sorry, this is almost the first time I didn’t give any news for more than a week !
It’s because we are working on two projects at the same time.

The next update of freaking meatbags has massive changes. I added a few things and changed many things.
I was probably over ambitius on this update, that’s why tt takes more time that it should, sorry !

DNA fusion was not fully exploited in the current version. And Players had to wait  few levels before he can enjoy them.
Firs there is a lot more DNA genes with new functionnalities.
But the biggest change:
– You will have to choose which DNA gene are transmit to your human child. You have a lot more choice, so now you will have to choose what kind of human you make.
You will choose between 3 DNA abilities for one human.
– You will boost your towers with your humans ! Each Human will add several special powers to your towers.  6 new tower abilities can be combined.
And many more things…

Everything is a little bit rough right now. So I need to polish them before releasing anything.

New DNA system:


















The rest of the team are working on our new big project.

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