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#MachiaVillain: how to attract vict…err visitors

We have two different types of visitors to the manor: “victims”, and “hunters”.

Victims are basically food, and in a management game like MachiaVillain, it’s best if food doesn’t completely randomly drop by or not.
So we found a way for players to have a say in when and who drops by: advertisement !
The first step would be to build a printing press, and publish your own journal:


You can ask for random visitors (NB: the prices are also random we have to balance them), or attract certain type of victims if you have specific furniture.
For instance, you might want to attract geeks and their big braaaains if you have hungry zombis at home 🙂

If we can spend some extra time on it, we’d like to add the possibility to have custom ads, with pictures taken and text written by players.

We’re also considering other advertisement venue (road signs, more modern media), we’ll tell you more about them asap !

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