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MachiaVillain update

A big ‘thanks’ to all of you who helped us making an incredible launch of Machiavillain possible. We really are happy many of you enjoy the game so much!

Besides the many positive messages we also received reports that our minions still need to fix some bugs. Thank you,those reports are very helpful.

Joking aside, truth is some bugs would have already been patched, but Murphy’s law struck.

Some of you might already know, we are a team of 2, one dev/coder (Alexandre) and one artist (Zimra).
After weeks of extremely hard work leading up to release, the day of the launch, Alexandre’s eyes became extremely painful, and we had to go to the emergency room. He had to have a light surgery and he has trouble seeing for now. He is going to get better, but sadly in the meanwhile he can’t code.

We have hired coders to fix the bugs until he’s back. It takes longer as they have to get to know the code. We are sorry for the delay.
We have released 2 patches, and we’re working on the third.

If you have any suggestions, or if you encounter a bug, you can send us a bug report with game data just by clicking on the “Send feedback” button (bottom right) with a short description in the title (so we can pinpoint the problem), it will help solving the issue, thank you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding and your amazing support!

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