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Machine Gun Drone video & Playtester wanted

In Freaking Meatbags the player can choose to play more strategic by building wall and powerful tower or more action by using firing drones.



2nd Playtest Report

First thanks to all playtesters!
I’ve read all reports send to me and looked at each video.
Be aware that not everything will be adressed. Our time is limited and we need to evaluate the benefit/developement cost to choose what’s possible to do.
But most will be 🙂

– Add shift + click to select multiple humans.
– Find a way to show all humans and their activities.
– No one has understand how to use the Ressource extractor -> need to find a solution.
– Lower CPU price for upgrades.
– Increase the red robot wave warning sprite size
– Improve text display (some letters are hard to read)
– Time pressure is too strong in the Alien laser eyes planet.
– Find a way to tell the player he can’t build because of the type of the ground.
– Increase the scroll zone border size. (when you put the mouse on the border of the screen to scroll the view)
– Show when a crashed spaceship is still full of wild robot and when it’s not.
– Brain boss should not be in the first wave of the last map 🙂
– Brain slug change the price in the text.
– Camera of drone should be reseted when all drone are killed
– Text: Look “At” this infested planet.
– Destroy “rock and tree” on the position, player has put his towers.

We need more playtesters!
We still need more playtesters. So don’t hesitate to write me a little email: 

2 Responses to Machine Gun Drone video & Playtester wanted

  1. I see, the drone spins to simulate firing from each barrel. A more powerful drone could have more barrels to fire faster.

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