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Plague update and donation to fight Covid

Hello fellow Villains!

Every victim stays at home. No one to rob, no one to kill, no fun. Our evil minions were sad…
So we needed to do something!

That’s why our team has decided to donate all of Wild Factor’s May 2020 profits from the sale of Machiavillain to organizations fighting Covid!

And with that,

the plague update:

We added the survival kit during this difficult time:

Toilet paper.

Always have one at hand when you cut yourself while shaving.

Medical mask

Looks cool on you when you do evil stuff.

Hand sanitizer

– The virus event has been deactivated.
– You can get food poisoning now if you eat food that went bad. Keep your human flesh fresh!

Bug fix:
– Fix enemy spam to map border sometimes blocked.
– Fix pathway can no longer replace the regular floor (unless you demolish it first).
– Fix dig rock not working on a particular rock position.
– Fix food go bad level transfer during a split.
– Fix load save bug (electricity build on map border).
– Fix load save bug (task not init).

If you find any bug, please send us a message with the ingame feedback button on the lower right of the screen. Don’t forget to fill at least the title. Thanks!

Stay safe and enjoy Machiavillain at home 🙂

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