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Preparing for the Indie cade contest

I’m working hard on Freaking Meatbags, alone, since 3 months to submit it to the indie cade contest late entry date.
The offical deadline is 31 May, but if you pay a little more fee for the entry (30$), you can submit a “late entry” until the 30 June.
For the past few months, weekends just didn’t exist for me.

I want to add many things, but I’m not sure if I will be able to push everything in less than 11 days.
I need to build the planet map, the upgrade system, the human recruitment system, a simple tutorial and many other funny things ( brain slug, borg, configurable tower, etc.).
The core gameplay is there but it’s still unbalanced and the game miss all the icing on the cake.

I’m pleased with the current result. It’s still a tower defense but with some unique features that make it a whole lot different.
I must say that I’m very excited and it’s probably the best game I’ve worked on!

I’m still afraid to show it to the world, though.
But stay tuned; I will probably be able to make an online demo after the Indie cade submission.

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