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Testing our Game

Hi, long time not seeing you.
I’m working hard (and the new Game Designer too). We are working mostly on the level design.

Each level are taking shapes. We need to adjust the difficulty of each of them. For that, I use my family and my girl friend as guinea pig.
I put the game in their hands, and observe how they react. I don’t say anything and I don’t gave them instruction or tips.
They don’t play the game the same way. For example my Parents use their thumb to play whereas my girl friend use her index finger.
With their help, I can adjust the game difficulty.  The good difficulty is when they are not frustrated because it’s too hard, or bored because it’s too easy.
Of course, after some playtest, they will become “trained” players. Then I will need to find others friendly guinea pig.

That’s why I’ve integrated a solution that give me the possibility to send the game to other playtester ( Testflightapp).
It’s simple, free and works great.

We are not ready yet for a full-scale Playtest, but we will in few weeks.

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